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How to Overcome a Drug Test on Short Notice

Most employers conduct random drug tests to weed out drug users. In most cases, these tests are done without notice. This becomes a great challenge for drug users and increases the risks or disciplinary actions, including losing the job. If this applies to you, you need not fret; learn how to overcome a drug test on a short notice. The problem with most drugs is that you can still test positive even if you used the product 4-6 weeks ago. For this case, you need to employ tactics that will enable to pass the drug test effortlessly. A good example is the use of best THC detox kits that are available in the form of detox pills and drinks. According to IDRN.ORG, some of the leading marijuana detox kits in the market can help lower the levels of THC in your body to levels that cannot be detected. Let us consider a few methods you can implement to pass you drug test

Drink Sufficient Water

When you are alerted you will be taking a drug test, let’s say in a day or two, you should increase your water intake significantly to flush out any traces of the targeted drugs form your body. Alternatively, you can use detox pills to assist in fast elimination of drug metabolites from your systems or use urine from another individual. But remember water is one of the best weapons to beat drugs test if alerted without notice. As you increase your water intake, it’s vital to limit your drug intake. And at the same time, you should be careful not to take excess, water. If you over hydrate you’ll risk cancellation of your test results on the ground that the sample was too dilute.

Using Synthetic Urine

lab urine testBesides detoxifying and talking water, you can use fake pee to pass your drug test. Synthetic urine is the best and easiest ways to beat drug tests. Always ensure you have a bottle or two of these products if your employer is used to surprise drug tests. Remember, you can only get your desired results if you use high-quality synthetic urine products. Thus you should only shop for reputable brands.

Tips for Using Fake Pee

When you use a reputable brand for your drug test, the probability of been detected is very slim. Consider the following tips when using synthetic urine for your drug test.

Shake the Bottle Before Submitting

In normal circumstances, ordinary urine foams due to the presence of proteins and the ejection force. Before presenting your synthetic urine, it’s essential to shake the container lightly activate the artificial foam agents and give the sample more authenticity.

Ensure the Sample Is at Normal Body Temperature

You can opt to use a manual warmer or chemical heat activator to ensure your synthetic urine sample is at ordinary temperature. If the sample is at room temperature, you can warm it in the microwave for a few seconds to bring it to the ideal temperature. Alternatively, you can purchase synthetic urine products with heating pads.

Use a Fake Penis

If you suspect someone may be observing you as you get your sample, you can use a fake penis. In the market, you are able to get fake penis that will hold the synthetic urine, and you’ll squeeze the gadget to pretend you’re urinating as you discharge the fake pee into the provided sample container.

When requested to take a drug test abruptly, you need not worry, use any of the above ways and beat the drug test.