Understanding Over-the Counter Muscle Supplements

Nowadays, protein powders and muscle supplements compete for shelf space in drug stores. Bodybuilders and athletes have more than average nutritional requirements. To build lean muscle, bodybuilders require high calorie, high-protein, and nutritional rich diet. Good supplements improve recovery from training and events. This aids the building of muscle mass and improves your overall performance.

You should note that supplements are meant to be used in conjunction with nutritious diet and proper training. Moreover, the majority of bodybuilders make an important distinction between anabolic steroids and supplements. Lean muscle supplements are meant at filling the gaps in nutrition. According to experts, quite of of legal alternative steroids work to change your hormone levels that leads to an improved training stamina. These are typical constituents of bodybuilding supplements:


protein bodybuilding supplementsProteins are building blocks for muscle mass. They should be consumed as a substitute for a meal or after exercising. Usually, they are available in powder form. Adequate intake of protein allows for repair and maximum growth of muscle tissue. Some of the common proteins currently on the market include whey protein and casein protein. Whey protein contains high amounts of amino acids that are not produced by the human body. Casein protein is very rich in glutamine. Amino acids are very important in aiding recovery. Soy protein contains all essential amino acids. Moreover, it is a great alternative for vegetarians. Hemp seed contains highly digestible and complete protein that is rich in essential fatty acids.


This is a natural organic acid that is found in the body. It supplies muscle cells with the energy required for short bursts like lifting weights. This allows an athlete to train harder. Studies show that bodybuilding supplements that contain it can increase energy, strength, reduce recovery times, and increase muscle mass. This organic acid can be found in kidney meat and red meat.


This is an amino acid that is found in the human muscle. It is also found in muscle building supplements. It is intake is necessary as anaerobic workouts deplete the natural glutamine levels in the body. Its deficiency results in the wasting of muscle mass and a weak immune system. These effects are not desired in bodybuilding.

The above three substances are found in popular bodybuilding supplements. Lean muscle enhancers contain essential fatty acids that enhance your stamina. They also include multivitamins to improve your overall health, and complex carbohydrates to increase your calorie intake.

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